About The Author

Shawn Kupfer was born on Ellsworth Air Force Base in the Rapid City, South Dakota area in July 1978. Most of his childhood was spent bouncing from one military town to another, travelling across the United States and the world on the dime of the U.S. Air Force. In his younger days, he had stints working as a semi-professional kickboxer, a defense contractor, a magazine editor, and a general "pick this up and put it over there" laborer.

In February 2009, Shawn anonymously started the Twitter Novel Project, where he posted novel-length works in 140-character chunks. In July of that year, he abandoned the anonymity factor. The second Twitter Novel Project book, 47 Echo, was picked up for publication by Carina Press soon after. He continues to update the Twitter Novel Project several nights a week, as well as working on other novel projects (both in and out of the 47 Echo universe). He currently lives in the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex with his wife, Lisa, and their two dogs, Sadie and Edie. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling to Las Vegas and New Orleans.

He has no idea what he's looking at in the above picture, but it was probably something cool.



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